6 Degree of Motion Table

ADC has designed an optical table that will be used by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to both support and accurately position research equipment. The optical table has been designed to have 6 Degrees of Freedom with sufficient travel, resolution, and repeatability in each direction to meet all of SLAC’s specifications. The overall dimensions of the table, as well as the features machined into the surface of the table, have been custom designed to support SLAC’s microscope, chambers, and related components. Additionally, the optical table has been engineered to support the load of the microscope and its related equipment without any significant deflections, helping to ensure the accuracy of the table.

This SLAC six degrees of freedom High Precision Motorized Optical Table was designed to hold a large refractometer system. The system base was made of a welded steel frame with a powder coated finish. Frames were filled with sand to reduce the table natural frequency and provide passive damping. When in use, the table rests on four machinery feet. When in transport, the feet are retracted and casters allow for easy handling 

The table features a large optical breadboard which is 204” long and 42” wide. The length of this table will allow SLAC to combine two existing optical tables into one combined table in order to create a more stable and repeatable experimental setup. The table has three degrees of freedom with micron accuracy and can carry up to 1500 lbs. of equipment. The table has been custom designed to fit within the space constraints of the facility and integrate with neighboring equipment.